About Kuub Video Agency

Kuub Video Agency BV is made up of a passionate filmmaker, Creative Director Michaël van Kraalingen.
What Kuub does is thinking of unique and effective ways to connect your target audience to your story. That's what we excel at.
In doing that no job is too big for us (or too small). From a television series to a television commercial to a aftermovie.
We've done it all and we'd love to join you on your story journey! 

Michaël van Kraalingen
Michaël is creative director and founder of Kuub. He studied writing and directing for film at the Utrecht University of Arts. On top of that he followed a 4 year long extra curriculum to become a Director of Photography. Kind of an annoying show-off, but if there’s one thing for certain it’s that he’s passionate about the art and craft of filmmaking.

Applying that craft is where it gets interesting. That’s why he loves to work with a wide range of brands and companies. Internalising their stories and externalising them as a creative concept for video or film is his forte. In that process he never loses sight of what core message of the brand or company is.

Kuub is definitely his baby. In filmmaking collaboration is key and with Kuub the opportunities for collaboration skyrocket. Every company walks in with their own unique story. Being able to collaborate with different companies with different stories is an absolute gift to him.

His style is always optimistic and hopeful. He talks about honesty in productions a lot. The core message of any production should always anchor itself in some sort of truth. Doing this he has surprising ways to find tenderness in anyone’s story.

No matter if it’s a commercial, brand video or online content you’re after. He’ll give 100%.

Michaël van Kraalingen - Kuub Video Agency